August 30, 2017 at 7:17 PM

Wheelchair accessible taxis are specially modified vehicles that allow a disabled person to travel in comfort along with their friends and family. The vehicles are designed with the disabled user specifically in mind, with their most important function being that they allow a wheelchair user to easily enter the vehicle and remain in the wheelchair throughout the journey, avoiding transferring into a seat as well as offering enhanced safety features, such as restraints that lock the wheelchair in place. Taxi firms across the country are beginning to recognise how important it is to have these types of vehicles within their fleet, it is time that your firm began to consider upgrading to these inclusive vehicles too, to avoid being left behind. Aside from keeping up with your rivals, however, what other benefits are there to upgrading your fleet?


There is no getting around the idea that purchasing a wheelchair accessible taxi is going to require significant investment, but there are so many benefits to your company in diversifying your vehicles. Firstly, you should consider the culture in which we live that celebrates differences and actively fights against discrimination of the disabled. NHS England state that there are 1.2 million wheelchair users in the UK. To not have a vehicle suitable for these customers, not only drastically reduces your customer base but also leaves your company with a lot of potential customers that you could upset and whom could claim that you are discriminating against them. How much harm could these disgruntled people do to your business if they bad-mouthed you to their friends and family?


Getting around in a wheelchair is not easy. Whilst there are spaces on public transport for wheelchair users these are limited and the transport rarely takes the user exactly where they need to be. Public transport also does not offer safe travel when compared to taxis as there are more options for restraint and lifts make it easier and safer to board and alight from the vehicle. Privately owned vehicles that are suitable for a wheelchair user are very expensive and rarely offer the comfort that a modified taxi can, as they often require the user to transfer into a normal seat rather than allowing them to stay in their wheelchair. With all this in mind, it can be easy to see why a wheelchair user might prefer to use a wheelchair accessible taxi over the other options out there. Offering this type of vehicle will not only increase your customer base but if you manage your service correctly you have the potential to increase it with extremely loyal customers. As every business minded person knows customer loyalty is the key to success, embracing this market could drastically improve your prospects.

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