July 24, 2018 at 8:52 AM

There's a huge range of WAVs (wheelchair accessible vehicles) on the market. No matter what you have in your pocket or your level of mobility, there's something for everyone.

However, the same wide variety can make it confusing when making a decision about the right WAV for you. Here are some of the things you should consider when purchasing a new WAV from Premier Mobility Cars (PMC).


Safety and Security

Does the WAV come with an alarm and does it come with a tracking device, which will help in locating it if it is stolen?

You should check to ensure the wheelchair you have is compatible with the wheelchair accessible vehicle, and it'll be safe plus secure on journeys.

If you are using tie-downs, then your wheelchair is going to need tie-down attachments that enable you to secure safely it in the vehicle. Also, some WaVs have docking systems for fixing your wheelchair in place when on the move. This needs a special attachment to be placed on your wheelchair's bottom. These are not compatible with all wheelchairs, hence ensure that you check first.


Vehicle Size

The size of the vehicle is an essential consideration. A wheelchair typically takes up a very large 'footprint' in the WAV, and you may have to consider a slightly larger vehicle than your current one, especially if there are lots of people who are travelling in the vehicle plus additional equipment that needs to be carried. Also, consider if the WAV will fit on your driveway or in your parking area.



Will the user of the wheelchair fit comfortably into the WAV? The dimensions that you'll need to take care of include the following:

  • Height- This is from the top of your wheelchair head to the floor while sitting.
  • Total Length - This is from the very wheel chair's front to the very back.
  • Wheelchair width



If performance is imperative to you, check if it will meet your expectations.



Can you afford the WAV? Do you get some benefits for this price such as a free MOT, free insurance or a free servicing? Also, check the payment methods that are accepted by the dealership, if it's possible to pay on finance and what the interest rate on those payments are. Additionally, you should consider the warranty that it has and how much it will cost to run the WAV.



It is essential to take into consideration how environmentally friendly the new wheelchair accessible vehicle is. Go for a diesel engine if low running costs are important. If the WAV is more economical, this can also reduce your insurance premium.

Check if the WAV is right for the length of the journey that you want to take. Typically, a smaller WAV is suitable for city-centre driving, whereas a larger WAV might be better if you make long motorway trips on a regular basis.


Automatic and Manual

Do you want an automatic gearbox? If you do, your choices can be more limited.


Test Drive

It is important that you test drive your final WAV selection. Take time when trying it out to ensure it meets all your needs. Take your time and explore the vehicle thoroughly.

Buying a new WAV is a heavy investment, but it's another link in the chain that'll help you keep active as well as independent so that you can enjoy life to the fullest.


What to Consider When Buying a WAV?