September 27, 2017 at 8:57 PM

When choosing between wheelchair accessible vehicles, there are a lot of things to consider. One of the most important is how much fuel you can save while driving, as this can save you time and money in the long run. Luckily, there are a few simple fuel-saving tricks that any driver can take advantage of. 

Make One Large Trip

When a car has been idle for a while, it uses much more fuel for the first few miles. Try to condense your list of errands into one bigger trip, which reduces the amount of times you're starting your car, therefore saving you fuel.

Avoid the Rush Hour 

Try to avoid the rush hour, as it is a more expensive time to travel due to the amount of fuel it takes to get going once you've stopped. First gear is not a fuel-efficient gear to travel in, and nor is second. Change the time of day that you travel so you can travel at a steady speed, rather than wasting fuel starting and stopping.

Reduce Excess Weight

It makes a lot of sense that the more your car weighs, the more fuel it'll take to move it around. Look around inside your car, and remove anything that you don't need for your journey. Most people find that their boot is full of things they don't use - cut it down to just the essentials. 

Maximise Your Aerodynamic Potential

You need to try and reduce the 'drag' on your car, which is slowing it down and using more fuel than necessary. You can do this by keeping the windows and sunroof closed unless strictly necessary, and making use of the air vents instead. The air conditioner is a big user of fuel, so think twice before using that to alter your temperature. You'll also want to remove the roof rack and ski box from your car, as these just increase the drag and are also excess weight if you're not using them. 

Accelerate Properly

A lesser-known fact is that the way you use your accelerator might actually be wasting fuel. The best way to travel in terms of fuel consumption is in a high gear and at a steady 50 mph. Travelling at a faster speed doesn't save you any money on fuel, so be sure to stick to the speed limit. Consider whether you really need to speed up to overtake someone, as this can waste a lot of fuel and doesn't always pay off. If you don't have an automatic car, be sure that you're not pushing the accelerator down too far to avoid changing to a lower gear, as this can actually use up a lot of fuel.

Check Your Tyres

If your tyre pressure is too low, it can take a larger than average amount of fuel to keep your car moving. Find out what your ideal pressure should be, and make sure to check it every couple of weeks.

If you keep all of the above tips in mind when driving wheelchair accessible vehicles, you'll keep your fuel bills low and reduce the amount of fuel stops you need to make.



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