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If you own a mobility or disability car, then your rights regarding your parking space, can sometimes seem a little bit confusing.

For this reason, the government has created the Blue Badge scheme, with which you will be able to comfortably park your vehicle as close as possible to your intended destination, and sometimes even in spots where you would otherwise be prohibited from using. 


Get a blue badge

In order to get the blue badge, you do not have to necessarily be the driver (or owner) of the car. But there are different criteria for each case. See how you qualify for the badge

So, if you need to travel in a car, as long as you have the Blue Badge displayed, fear no one!


How to obtain a Blue Badge

In order to obtain a Blue Badge, you will need to get in touch with your local council, as you will need to fill in an application form. If you don't know where to find the respective forms, the government's website would be a great place to start.

While filling in the form, you will need to provide them with a photograph, proof of ID, your NI (National Insurance) number and proof of address. 


Which places can I park?

Great news! As an owner of a Blue Bade, you have the ability to park almost everywhere.

As a general rule you will be allowed to park at the following at no cost:

  • Streets designated as Pay & Display for as long as you require. 
  • In a disabled parking bay, although you must adhere to the time limit.
  • On both double and single yellow lines, unless the sign states No Loading
  • Private car parks, such as Supermarkets, often have designated Blue Badge holders bays.


Local Council Badge Schemes

Along with the national Blue Badge Scheme, many local councils also offer their own disability driving badge schemes. Usually, this is provided in inner cities and offered only to local residents. 


Parking near your home

One of the great benefits of getting in touch with your council is that they can help you to park outside your home.

If you live in a street and find it difficult to find a parking space outside of your home, then the council can create a designated disabled parking bay for you. If you have private parking on your property, but cannot always access it because of other drivers blocking the route, then the local council can also provide a drop curb and ensure that you can gain access. 

Be sure to know what to expect from the Blue Badge Scheme, so that you enjoy its benefits to their fullest!

Obtaining the Blue Badge

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