June 28, 2017 at 6:05 PM

The new train station at Cambridge North is expecting up to 3,000 passengers, and with 450 parking spaces, the staff expects everyone to be catered for no matter what the length of their stay or the reason for their visit. Of these 450 spaces, there are a large number of long-term-stay bays, a small number of 20-minute short-stay parking spaces for pickups and drop offs, and 24 new disabled parking bays along the front of the station building, providing easy access for disabled drivers.

The new parking space has been constructed with 600,000 paving stones laid across an area of 12,000 square metres, the equivalent of two football pitches.

The tariffs for parking vary according to the type of stay required, but badge holders displaying a valid blue badge can still park free of charge at all times.

Payment for tickets is done by phone, and there are no ticket booths at the station, prompting questions from the public about the efficiency of this method. One lady on the Cambridge news website raised the issue that not everyone has a mobile phone.

Disabled passengers can arrange to be catered for depending on the severity of their disability. By booking tickets beforehand and contacting the station, they can arrange for a staff member to meet them at the station to help with getting around and luggage.

Ramps for trains can also be provided if required by the passenger. While some companies require 24-hours notice for disabled passengers to receive help, at the new Cambridge North station, bookings can be made at short notice.

If a passenger wishes to be met by a staff member at the station, then it is may be best to inform the station beforehand, but all disabled passenger benefits still apply if the passenger just turns up.


New Cambridge station has 24 disabled parking bays


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