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Why you need a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle?

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles or WAV are specially designed automobiles that make it possible for individuals with disabilities to use their wheelchairs in the cars without having to transfer to the seat of the vehicle.

Premier Mobility Cars have been specializing in WAVs, including taxis for years. Found in Wainscott (just outside Strood), Rochester in Medway, Kent; it offers customers wheelchair accessible vehicles accompanied with other benefits.

Are you thinking of investing in a wheelchair accessible car? Could the doubt of price, 'comfort' or fun be holding you back? Whether it is for yourself or someone you care about who's life would be made easier with a WAV, here are the life-changing benefits you and your family will experience.

How does buying a wheelchair accessible vehicle make your life easier?

1. Ease of mobility

Wheelchair accessible cars allow greater mobility for disabled persons and their caregivers. Since getting in the vehicle is faster and easier, mobility is enhanced. 

2. Safety

Wheelchair accessible vehicles are custom made to make mobility safer for people with disabilities. With high-quality equipment, in-floor ramps, wheelchair ties and restraint options, WAVs ensure safety and comfort for users.

3. Gives Independence

Get more freedom with a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle especially if you drive yourself. Go wherever you want with ease by getting one of these amazing automotive. It simplifies movement for you or the caregiver.

4. Facilitates less pain 

A wheelchair accessible car eliminates the need for transferring a disabled individual from a wheelchair to the seat of the car - meaning less pressure, discomfort and pain. Whether they are getting in by themselves or there is a caregiver present, a WAV reduces chances of more injuries.


5. Enhances accessibility

Wheelchair accessible vehicles offer adaptive conversions like in floor ramp technology, low-effort steering and automated ramp systems. Accessibility features make the WAV practical and usable for disabled people as they move from one location to the other while keeping them safe from additional injuries.

6. Financing programs

Wheelchair accessible vehicles might cost more than standard cars. However, the government and other groups have financing programs to help disabled people acquire WAVs. Otherwise, try renting if the financial assistance does not come through.


7. Time saving

Get to meetings, events, work, school or the grocery store on time with a wheelchair accessible vehicle. Getting the user of a wheelchair into the car with a ramp is easier than separately lifting the user and the wheelchair.


8. Inbuilt control systems

It is now possible for people without legs or who cannot use legs to drive on their own. There are customized wheelchair accessible vehicles with inbuilt controls such as gas and brake controls that enhance safety and usability. 

With wheelchair accessible cars, you can go to family vacations, road-trips, events, and day-to-day destinations without having to worry about discomfort, safety and getting there on time.


Improve your mobility with Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

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