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The lengths to which various establishments and premises in London go to facilitate accessibility to people with disabilities vary across the city. While it's true that more and more establishments are making an effort to make it easier for people with disability (especially those using wheelchairs) to easily move within them, there's still room for improvement in the transport sector.

It should be stated, though, that a large percentage of London is now accessible to disabled individuals in various ways.


Underground and Overground Railway Platforms

The majority of railway stations in the city now have wider ticketing gates in order to accommodate individuals who are either using wheelchairs or guide dogs. The easy accessibility is also improved by the floor of the train being placed strategically a step below street level in order to make alighting from the mobility car all the way to the train as easy as possible.

In addition to structural enhancements, the staff personnel at railway stations are always ready to help by providing alternative solutions in scenarios where the existing solutions don't work.



Buses in the city also have priority seats as well ramps to make it easier for individuals in wheelchairs to board them. The goal is to make sure people with disability are able to move around the city safely and comfortably.



Restaurants are finding themselves in a situation where they have to make their establishments more wheelchair-accessible given the fact that a number of sites have cropped up online which review restaurants based on their wheelchair accessibility. Such websites also serve to help inhabitants of and visitors to London who have disabilities, to figure out the most wheelchair accessible restaurants in their area.



All piers across London are easily accessible to individuals in wheelchairs as well as other means of transportation that may make travel difficult. All piers have mechanisms for easy movement from the pier to the boat and vice versa. Nevertheless, it's important to make prior inquiries regarding whether a pier possesses such capabilities before making the trip.


Parking Lots

People with disabilities can obtain a blue badge which allows them to be beneficiaries of a scheme that enables them to get preferential treatment when it comes to parking. This will ensure their mobility around the city is easier. This is a map that shows you for free, where in the world, disabled persons' (Blue Badge) parking spaces exist. 



While London taxis won't offer all the convenience that comes with a mobility car, all licensed taxis are wheelchair accessible. It is a lot easier to move around London with your own vehicle, than using the taxis. As mentioned earlier, London has quite a lot parking slots for people with disabilities, that it makes it so much easier and accessible. Why not visit London with your car instead then? 

Disabled individuals who are visiting London for the first time should take the time to conduct thorough research on sites that will enable to plan their movement during the trip in line with the most wheelchair-accessible areas.

Underground and Overground Railway Platforms

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