January 15, 2020 at 9:57 AM

A mobility scooter is probably the right choice for you if you can travel relatively independently, get on and off the scooter on your own, and are able to use a bicycle-style steering column or tiller. Disability scooters usually come in three different sizes – small, medium and large, it’s important that you choose the mobility scooter most appropriate to your needs and lifestyle.

Mobility scooters are ideal for those who are able to travel and move with relative independence. If you can get on and off a scooter without too much difficulty and are comfortable and able to steer, typically via handlebars, then a mobility scooter could be a great choice to help you get around in greater comfort.

Now that you have decided you want a mobility scooter… you have a lot of options to choose from!

Smaller Mobility Scooters

Small mobility scooters are a great choice for those who don’t need to travel large distances and are the name suggests, smaller and lighter scooters which can be dismantled to more easily fit in car boots.

Small scooters therefore are often made with lighter frames to help keep them smaller and more transportable. There is a downside to this however as it will mean they have limits on the weight they can carry with upper limits typically topping out at about 21 stone (135kg).

Mobility Scooter Charging

They also typically have smaller batteries and therefore travel between charge and maximum distances are reduced – typically they will need charged every 10 miles or so and will typically have a top speed of 4mph.

These scooters are also unsuitable for road use but depending on the space you have, they can be small enough for indoor use at home.

In terms of costs, you can typically lease a new small scooter from £12-15 per week.

Medium Sized Scooters

If you need to travel further distances or even if you wish to use your scooter on the road then you will need to look into medium sized scooters (or larger scooters, see below). You will typically find that medium scooters are sturdier and have higher weight capacities and distances, with many having higher top speeds also.

These models will have weight capacities of up to 25 stone (150kg) and most will at least double the travel distances to 20-30 miles. This means you can use it for longer between charges which for many people is a big selling point.

As a result though, medium scooters are less likely to fold down easily or to a large degree and probably won’t fit in a standard car so you may need to consider a change of vehicle if you plan on taking it on the road. (We suggest buying the wheelchair accessible vehicle first as it is easier to find a scooter that will fit than it is to then find a car/van to suit a scooter). They can also be larger and less manoeuvrable so they are unlikely to be usable in the home.

Mobility Scooter On The Road

Class 3 medium scooters, if registered with the DVLA, can also be used on roads which you should take into account if you know of any routes where pavement travel might be difficult.

In terms of cost, medium scooters cost around £15-25 per week on lease plans or through the Mobility Scheme.

Large Scooters

Large, road legal scooters are designed to offer more comfort and to carry more weight, with upper weight limits of up to 30 stone (200kg). They typically have top speeds of up to 8mph and distance ranges of up to 35 mile.

Large scooters are Class 3 and therefore can be used on roads if registered, though the law states they should be limited to 4mph on pavements.

They typically have larger seats, additions such as lights and horns and at the top end of the market you will find they can come with full covers and sides so you are kept dry and warmer in poor weather.

Large Mobility Scooters

They are not designed to be folded down and due to their size will need larger WAV’s and place for secure storage as they are typically too large to be brought into the house.

A large scooter will cost between £20-50 per week on mobility schemes.

There are a lot of scooters and options available so we suggest speaking to a dealer to get as much information as possible. And, as mentioned, if you are looking for a WAV and a Mobility Scooter, we would suggest sourcing your vehicle before committing to a scooter lease… there are a lot more scooters available than WAV’s so it makes sense to match your scooter with the more expensive and limited range of vehicles.

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