February 28, 2017 at 5:17 PM

Despite the battle about the driving behaviour in both sexes, a recent study from the Department of Transport showed that men had a higher ratio of evolvent into the car accidents recorded since 2015.

The study took into consideration all of the 241,244 road traffic accidents that happened since 2015. Of those, men were involved in the 70% of those, while women were in the rest of the 30%.

Despite the rapid increase of female divers in the past year, males continue to hold the larger proportion of that share. It is also worth mentioning that men seem to be “more road adventurous” than women, making considerably more journeys.

To be fair, once the above numbers are worked out, and all of the variables are taken into consideration, it is only logical that the numbers are this high.

Created by Cute Injury, the study shows some interesting facts about the men vs women battle in regards to their performance on the road.

Source: motorpaper.co.uk

70% of the times, men are involved in road accidents

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