Volkswagen Caddy Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

All you need from a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle.


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The Volkswagen Caddy Maxi is an ideal vehicle for wheelchair and scooter users and is adapted to a variety of Motability approved converters with the different type of wheelchair/scooter sizes in mind.

  • Space

The room at the back has enough space for the wheelchair/scooter user plus it will comfortably seat an additional 5 people, including the driver.

  • Safety

The wheelchair/scooter passenger can be held securely in their seating by the vehicle’s 4 wheelchair restraints. Safety is also enhanced by additional features such as a six-airbag system, electronic stability control, and ABS braking.

  • Accessibility

Caddy Maxi is designed for optimum access. The non-slip lowered floor along with the wheelchair ramp are the cornerstones of this vehicle, which allow a quick and painless access to the vehicle. - Getting on and off the vehicle could take less than two minutes! 

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